Bob Dylan - Tangled up in blue


Happy 70th birthday Mr Zimmerman!

My sister...

and I used to dance this when we lived together:

although she´s not very good at dancing (but this is a secret...)

We used to go biking everywhere

Some days when we stayed at home watching a film we had this for dinner:

(without butter)

we ate loads and loads of strawberries

And when I woke up, breakfast was ready waiting for me, lucky me, I know...

She even accepted my little rabbit when I once appeared with him one afternoon...

She reads, reads and reads. It is thanks to her that I´ve been introduced into the wonderful world of books.

She´s got really good taste, for everything , the best I´d say.

Even when it comes to trying new kinds of tea, she´ll make the best choice.

She used to play the piano and the guitar and was really good at both,

but what she does amazingly well is painting,

and there´s one thing she´s even more talented at: sleeping. She can sleep non-stop for three whole days, fact.

So if you were wondering... it is not her birthday today,

but she´s moved into another city and I miss her. I miss all these things we shared together. So this is all I have to say sisi: